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Information Center Activities in 2022

As STGM, we have been providing guidance and supports to civil society organizations for many years on a wide range of topics, from civil society legislation to management of EU funded projects, from project development to communication issues.

We conducted following activities and supports in 2022 within the scope of Information Centre; 

  • 249 different civil society organizations  (associations, unions, networks, platforms, etc.) received supports and consultancies on topics such as project development, project management, civil society legislation, funds and resource development. 
  • Besides CSOs in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Diyarbakir, Antalya, Bursa, Hatay, Sivas and Van in Turkey, counterparts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan and Switzerland also benefitted from Information Centre,
  • Seminars were organized on resource development and grant opportunities for CSOs who are actively working in the field of environment and ecological rights. 
  • A webinar was organized on financial legislation and procedures for associations in participation with 450 CSO representatives
  • A training was given to CSOs on "Strategic Planning" and "Project Management" within the framework of STOK Capacity Building Programme

Bilgi Merkezi 2022
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