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Letter from Confirmation Platforms to YouTube

More than eighty verification platforms from around the world called on YouTube and urged the online video platform to take action to address the misinformation problem.

The letter complained that YouTube did not do enough to prevent misinformation and that the platform was a source of disinformation. Verifiers from Turkey, who are also signatories of the International Fact-Checking Network, which includes, said in the letter that the fight against misinformation can only be possible with transparency, determination, and cooperation.

Four changes were requested from YouTube

In the letter, Google-owned YouTube called for changes to be made on four issues: a commitment to fund independent research into misinformation campaigns on the platform, providing links to truthful information within videos that spread misinformation, stopping site algorithms from encouraging criminals, and tackling misinformation in non-English videos. to work on.

You can access the entire letter here.

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