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Share Training on Participation and Monitoring in Legislature continues its Participation and Monitoring in Legislation Trainings with the aim of empowering civil society to participate in and influence legislative activities. The new training will be held online on July 8-9-10. The deadline for application for the training is Tuesday, July 4, 20.00.

What Does the Training Aim to Achieve?

  • To provide theoretical and practical information on the tools and methods that enable citizens to have a say in politics and actively participate in governance in accordance with the principle of democratization,
  • This will facilitate the active participation of citizens and civil society in law-making processes, as well as monitoring and evaluating the impact of laws.

What Does the Training Cover?

For its participants;

  • Basic information on government systems and parliamentary structure
  • Effective monitoring and evaluation of legislative and oversight processes
  • Effective monitoring and evaluation of the functions, activities and duties of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey
  • Active citizenship and participation in legislation
  • Fundamentals of lobbying
  • Advocacy cycle

What are the Application Criteria?

  • To be a member of the structural body (board of directors or supervisory board member, founder, etc.) or professional structure of the civil society organization it represents
  • Have experience in agenda-setting on monitoring, evaluation and participation or have an interest in monitoring studies.
  • After the program, volunteering to share possible monitoring, evaluation and participation activities with the platform
  • Good communication skills
  • Good digital literacy

Click here for application.

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