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Mediterranean Youth Association is Looking for Volunteers

The Mediterranean Youth Association (Akdeniz Gençlik Derneği - AGDER), which works to inform young people and society on rights issues through an online volunteering system, is looking for new volunteers.

AGDER, a civil society organization that aims to make a difference on fundamental issues such as human, women's, children's, environmental and animal rights, and ensuring that young people benefit from opportunities abroad, aims to work with volunteers who are not interested in active politics and want to make positive changes for society.

Some of the qualities sought in volunteers

• Being 18 years old and not older than 35 years old
• Willing to dedicate at least 1-2 hours per week voluntarily to this cause
• Wanting to spend their energy for society and a better world
• Not being engaged in active politics

Volunteering opportunities

• Volunteer Reference Letter: An official reference about your activities and development in the association.
• Career Development and Mentoring Programs: Valuable guidance to guide your professional life.
• Foreign Language Development: Opportunity to increase your global communication skills.
• A Wide Network Opportunity: A chance to connect with professionals and other volunteers from various fields.
• Certificates of Participation and Achievement: Certificates that document your volunteer work and can be added to your CV.
• Opportunity to develop and implement your own projects: A platform where you can showcase your creativity and leadership skills.
• Opportunity to participate in various national and international trainings and activities

Application deadline March 6, 2024

AGDER's social media accounts are as follows;


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