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Müze Kumbaram Research Fund 2023 Applications Launched

Turkey's smallest museum and the first museum with a piggy bank theme, "Müze Kumbaram" continues to support students with its research fund. Müze Kumbaram will provide financial support for master's and doctoral theses written under the theme "My future piggy bank in the second century of our Republic."

The fund, which is awarded to students conducting research on the piggy bank for their master's or doctoral thesis within the framework of YÖK, is open to applications from all students studying in various disciplines with an interdisciplinary approach.

Under the fund, an individual master's or doctoral student will receive a stipend of TL 1,300.02, for a total of TL 19,500.30 for 15 months. If the successful researcher publishes an article in internationally recognised scientific journals based on his/her dissertation, he/she will also be entitled to an additional stipend of 1,500.00 Euro.

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