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Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations

The alliance was founded in 1982 and has been growing very rapidly since then. It currently has 50 members from 28 countries" ibaresini ise "The union was established in 1982. It consists of more than 50 member organizations from over 28 countries and is growing rapidly.

Purposes and the Way of Work

The goals of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations are as follows:

  • To provide opportunities for voluntary service organizations to discuss and share knowledge and experience in Europe,
  • To develop and facilitate cooperation between voluntary service organizations,
  • To increase the quality of volunteer projects, also to create a network and to encourage and support new organizations working in this field in different countries through this network,
  • To promote short-term volunteer work as a tool for international understanding and social development / development.

Membership and Membership Requirements

There are three different membership statuses in the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations:

Full membership, limited membership and candidate membership.  For detailed information, visit the website. 


Email: [email protected]





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