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International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (IFHOH)

Founded in 1977, IFHOH is an international non-governmental organization holding a special advisory status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). IFHOH works in cooperation with the World Health Organization within the framework of a joint activity program carried out in developing countries as part of the Visually-Hearing Disability Prevention unit.

Purposes and the Way of Work

IFHOH's target group consists of:

  • Young individuals in collaboration with International Federation of Hard of Hearing Young people - IFHOHYP,
  • Adults who later started having hearing impairment,
  • Individuals with hearing difficulties and their families of all ages, including individuals with tinnitus or Meniere's disease and individuals with hearing aids.

IFHOH's activities for these groups include:

  • Creating a platform for information sharing and cooperation between organizations of individuals with hearing difficulties;
  • Supporting and contributing to scientific research on hearing problems and supporting efforts to find solutions to these problems,
  • Encouraging research to find solutions to the daily problems of individuals with hearing difficulties (communication, education, employment, etc.),
  • Working in cooperation with international organizations and governments on issues related to individuals and organizations with hearing impairment,
  • Ensuring that the society has a positive attitude towards individuals with hearing impairment and their roles in society, helping the hearing impaired individuals adopt this attitude towards themselves and encouraging the society to have a positive approach and understanding towards individuals with hearing difficulties.

Membership and Membership Requirements

IFHOH currently has 48 general and limited members in 35 countries. There are two types of categories: General membership and affiliate membership.

The organizations or individuals residing in Europe and working in accordance with EFHOH goals and activities can become members of the appropriate category by submitting a written application to the EFHOH (Europe) board of directors. Membership decisions are determined by the general assembly.


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EFHOH (Europe)

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