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The International Federation Of Human Rights (FIDH)

Fédération Internationale Des Ligues Des Droits De L'homme (FIDH) is an international network of non-governmental organizations, headquartered in Paris, with 192 human rights organizations from 117 countries, spreading regionally to Africa, America, Asia, Europe and North Africa and the Middle East.

Purposes and the Way of Work

The aim of FIDH is to work in cooperation around the world to protect human rights victims, prevent human rights violations and punish those responsible accordingly. Within the scope of fundamental human rights defined within the framework of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, FIDH has identified four main priority areas and eight issue priorities.

The four main priority areas are:

  • Protection of Human Rights and Support to Victims
  • Mobilization of the Union of States (Advocacy)
  • Support for Action Capacity of Local NGOs
  • Awareness Raising

The eight priority issues are:

  1. Protection of human rights protectors and implementation of the 1998 UN Declaration
  2. Women's rights,
  3. Migrants' rights,
  4. Justice to victims
  5. LGBTI+ rights
  6. International justice
  7. Consideration and development of respect for human rights in the fight against terrorism
  8. Advocacy on economic globalization that respects human rights.

Membership Criteria

Independent non-governmental organizations working in the field of human rights can be a member of FIDH.

Contact Information


For monitoring the members in Turkey : @ihdcezaevi @insanhaklari

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