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International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (IF)

IF is a worldwide umbrella organization that brings together organizations working on Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Founded in 1979, IF today works with 60 regional and international organizations in more than 50 countries in Africa, Europe, America, Asia / Australia.

Purposes and the Way of Work

  • To increase the quality of life of individuals suffering from Spina Bifida and Flidrocephalus (PWSBH) problems,
  • To increase the number of organizations and institutions working on PWSBH and to produce possibilities of communication and cooperation between these organizations,
  • To support member groups and organizations,
  • To try to increase the quality of services for PWSBH worldwide,
  • To share and develop knowledge, experience and good practices at the international level, to work together with international structures (United Nations, World Health Organization, UNICEF, Council of Europe, European Community, international NGOs etc.),
  • To support and increase research,
  • To encourage preventive campaigns and to be effective on international policies on these issues,
  • To support PWSRD cases in developing countries through early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation projects,
  • To strengthen cooperation between organizations both within and outside the IF,
  • To encourage international ethical debates on the inclusion of PWSBH-related issues in all programs (United Nations Standard Rules).

Membership and Membership Requirements

There are two types of IF membership: national membership and supporting membership.

National membership is the national organization that represents all local groups working on Spina Bifida and Flidrosefalus in the country in question at the annual general meeting. Members among the European Community countries continue to work in the IF-Europe unit and are represented by the European Disability Forum (EDF). Supporting membership is open to anyone dealing with Spina Bifida and / or Flidrosefalus. Local groups can also apply for supporting membership.


Address: IF Office
Cellebroersstraat 16/Rue des Alexiens 16
B-1000 Brussels

Tel.: +32 (0)2 502 0413

Emai: [email protected]







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