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Next Generation Fundraising Platform:

Fundraising activities are critical for financial sustainability in non-governmental organizations. Fundraising can sometimes be quite challenging for non-governmental organizations. However, the platforms that non-governmental organizations can use for fundraising activities are increasingly diverse. is one of them and it is a platform that organizations can use in fundraising efforts.

Supporters Meet with Needy People, where non-governmental organizations, clubs, social enterprises, and organizations that serve a social purpose can participate, is an organization that brings together supporters and needy structures. Through the platform, organizations, clubs, social entrepreneurs can create lists for the materials they need for their work, projects or campaigns and seek support.

The platform, inspired by crowdfunding platforms, does not accept cash support. Instead, it is aimed to meet the materials and equipment needed by the supporters.

Imece (Collective Work) Culture and Transparency Side by Side

Kaan Aksay, the founder of the platform, which focuses on transparency, one of the most fundamental principles of fundraising efforts, says, "We wanted to bring together the culture of Imece and transparency" while telling about Aksay emphasizes that one of the most important topics for donors and supporters is transparency, and explains that the common need of those who provide financial or in-kind support is to know whether the given support is used appropriately.

While a question mark may arise in the minds of donors or supporters during the process of collecting cash support, Aksay explains that the in-kind support is often preferred more at the point of explaining the concrete need and what this need will be used for, and the platform works to meet this need.

Aksay explains that NGOs can easily explain what they will use these materials for in the necessity lists they create on the platform and they can carry out their campaigns more transparently, and underlines that NGOs that meet their needs with in-kind support can easily transfer other resources to administrative expenses such as rent, salary and transportation.

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