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Fund Raising Videos for CSOs are Online

The sources from which the civil society actors may benefit in regards to fund raising for civil society are significantly diverse. It is possible to mention many different sources in regards to fundraising instruments from project-based grants to donations, and from sponsorship to crowdfunding mechanisms. This diversity is considerably important for civil society organizations in terms of continuity and sustainability.

And for sustainability; reducing the dependence of an organization on a single income source, being protected against donor preferences or diversifying the funding sources and following up the trends against fluctuations in funding opportunities are significant topics in regards to the fundraising strategies of civil society organizations.

In the scope of CSO Resource Centre, we prepared a video series comprising of webinars and good practices for the purposes of providing insight and support to the civil society organizations' fundraising actions.

Through this video series, you may come to recognize various platforms to include in your fundraising strategy and get informed of the fundraising examples in the civil field. 

Fund Raising Seminars for CSOs

In the Fund Raising Seminars for CSOs we organize in the scope of the CSO Resource Centre that is funded by the European Union and managed by us, we talk about various platforms and how the civil society organizations may benefit from such platforms.  

We conversed with Itır Erhart, a founding member of Açık Açık Platform, during the first episode of the Fund Raising Seminars for CSOs. During this webinar, we talked about Açık Açık Platform that conducts actions based on transparency and accountability and about how civil society organizations may benefit from the platform in terms of fundraising actions. 

Fund Raising Experiences from CSOs

In this video series where we listen to the fundraising experiences of civil society organizations directly from them, you may learn of the fundraising strategies of organizations working on various thematic fields from women's rights to children's right and from handicapped people's rights to animals' rights.

You may watch the video series here.



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