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Online Trans Therapy Group

🌈 The September meeting of the group that provides psychosocial support for the gender identity process of trans people, with meetings held on the first Wednesday of every month since 2013, will take place online on Wednesday, September 1 at 19:00-20:30 at Jitsi Meet!


Those who will attend the meeting for the first time should fill out the registration form on our website. It is enough for people who have attended the meeting before to send their participation requests to [email protected].

*The event is only open to trans people and people who are in the process of recognizing their gender identity.

Group therapy and counseling services are preparatory options for transgender people in transition. It is particularly beneficial for group members to be able to receive information from other transgender people at different stages of the process and get support on ways to deal with problems.

How can you benefit from group therapy?

  • Listening to the experiences of other group members who have/have had similar problems to yours and getting feedback
  • Getting rid of emotional distress by interacting with other group members
  • Acquiring new skills in coping with challenges
  • Reducing your fear, loneliness, and anxiety as a result of sharing a common experience with other group members
  • By gaining new communication skills in a safe environment
  • Increasing self-confidence
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