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Opening Invitation for the Project “We Unite in the Consumer Rights of the Disabled Council”

The opening meeting of the “We are Uniting at the Consumer Rights of the Disabled Council” project, which aims to create an international network on the consumer rights of the disabled, is carried out in cooperation with the Confederation of the Disabled and the Consumer Rights Association from Turkey, supported under the CSD-VI program, and the Bulgarian Active Consumers Association and the Visually Impaired Sports Federation from Europe, will be held on 05.10.2021 (Tuesday) at 15:00 via Zoom.


Those who want to attend the meeting can send their requests to [email protected]. A meeting participation link will be sent to those who will attend the meeting during the day.

Note: Participation is limited to 100 people.

Event Program:

15:00- 15:10-Opening

15:10-15:25- Presentation of the Project: Coşkun GÖK- Project Coordinator

15:25-15:30- Video Screening

15:30-15:40 Head of EU Presidency Project Implementation Department Ahmet Hakan ATİK

15:40-15:45- Fermani KURTEL, President of the Confederation of the Disabled

15:45-15:50- Turhan ÇAKAR, President of the Consumer Rights Association

15:50- Evaluation, Opinion, and Contributions of the Participants

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