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An Overview of Civil Society and Politics Relations Research Report Published

In the report titled "An Overview of Civil Society and Politics Relations" prepared by Civil Pages to analyze the dynamics between politics and civil society in Turkey; the prominent findings are that participants from all segments, from the government to the opposition, are uncomfortable with the shrinkage in civil society and introversion in politics, and that the current situation is a more severe process compared to other political crises in Turkey.

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The research titled “An Overview of the Relations of Civil Society and Politics” conducted by Civil Pages with the support of the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung Association (FES); was held to reveal the reflections of the crisis in politics on civil society, to search for ways to overcome the crisis together, and to discover what can be done to change the current situation, which is reflected as ineffectiveness and contraction in civil society. In this context, in-depth interviews were conducted with civil society professionals and political actors.

21 questions were asked to the participants in five main sections consisting of the perception of civil society, the access of civil society to public and international resources, the obstacles and suggestions for a healthy civil society-politics relationship, and the situation of civil society during the pandemic period. In addition, these questions were discussed by holding two zoom meetings with participants from civil society and politics. A collective analysis of all the interviews, each of which contains interesting and striking findings, was brought together in the publication “Civil Society and Politics Relations Overview” prepared in Turkish and English.

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