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Pioneering Volunteers are Looking for a Project Coordinator

We are looking for a team member to work with, produce and execute projects with young professionals, academics, and undergraduate students from all over the world.

As Öncü Gönüller we aim to become and train volunteers who can lead change in Turkey and the world and put the problems of others before their interests. As a team member, you will accelerate the corporate growth of Öncü Gönüls, work closely with our team members working or studying in the USA and Turkey, and join a global non-governmental network.

If you are interested in our position, please contact us via our application form by January 15th. We will get back to you via email within two weeks of your application. You can send your questions about the ad to  [email protected].

Working Conditions Working Type: Part-time, working for at least six months

Working Place: Remote working. Attending meetings in Istanbul several times a month.


Project Management:

  • Coordination and management of our current and new projects
  • Regular reporting of the outputs of our projects
  • Execution and announcement of activities related to event coordination
  • Following the outputs of corporate programs and processing them into the system
  • Editing our website and adding new content
  • Corporate communications

Execution of corporate communication processes

  • Announcement of our programs via email, social media, and telephone channels
  • Ensuring communication and coordination with our stakeholders and members

Experience and Values

Character: Modest, open-minded, team player, respectful of different opinions 

Working Spirit: Entrepreneurial spirit, value-oriented, continuous learning


  • Having leadership and management experience in foundations or student clubs.
  • Willing to learn project management programs such as Airtable, Excel, Trello.
  • It is preferred to have an MSc / Ph.D. student or MSc / Ph.D.
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