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Podcast for the Environment

IYACEP (Raising Youth Awareness on Climate Change and the Right to Environment through Podcasts) is launching a weekly podcast series as part of the British Council-supported project. The name of the series is Podcast for the Environment.


Podcast for the Environment

What should we do so as not to sit quietly while our home – our world – is burning? We will be here with new chapters every week to facilitate access to accurate information on the climate crisis. We will convey to you, in the simplest form, the academic studies that have thoroughly investigated the climate change experienced by the world, its effects and what we can do about it. At the same time, we will have monthly podcast episodes where we meet with competent researchers and environmental activists to talk about climate change.

Podcast for the Environment is published with the support of the British Council.

You can listen to new episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts platforms.

Published episodes:

  1. Chapter: From Climate Change to Climate Crisis
  2. Chapter: Keystones for Combating Climate Change
  3. Chapter: Paris Agreement and Climate Change
  4. Chapter: Environment Talks: Prof. Levent Kurnaz
  5. Chapter: What Is This Sustainability?
  6. Chapter: Sustainable Consumption
  7. Chapter: Current Conversations
  8. Chapter: Environment Conversations: Dr. Poetry Kilkis
  9. Chapter: Food Safety
  10. Chapter: Food Safety-2
  11. Chapter: Environment Talks: Prof. Fikret Adaman
  12. Chapter: Environment and Civil Society
  13. Chapter: Environment and Civil Society in Turkey
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