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Yapay Zeka

Productive Artificial Intelligence Webinar for CSOs is Online

Artificial intelligence technology, which we have been hearing about on various occasions for a while now, has made a rapid entry into our lives with the introduction of new tools one by one and has brought along debates. So how can we as CSOs benefit from this new technology? What should user rights be like with the intense competition on AI technology? How can civil society combat the threats posed by this competition? We talked to Digital Communication Expert Özgür Kurtuluş about the answers to these and similar questions.

In the webinar we organized within the scope of our Capacity Building Center Project for Civil Society supported by the European Union, we discussed the introduction to artificial intelligence, productive artificial intelligence and civil society organizations, and the ethical and social impact of artificial intelligence. In the webinar, we received information about ChatGPT, Prompt writing techniques and practical suggestions for civil society projects.

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