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Report on Monitoring Human Rights Violations Against Women with Disabilities is Now Accesible

The Flying Broom Women's Communication and Research Association shared the results of its monitoring work to monitor how women and girls with disabilities are seen and shown in the media through news examples, to open up the forms of representation to discussion from a gender perspective, and to disseminate its suggestions on how women with disabilities can transform the media as a means of empowerment.

In the study titled Monitoring Human Rights Violations Against Women with Disabilities in the Media, which was carried out with the support of the European Union Program, 5 newspapers, 3 news sites and 3 television channels from the Turkish media were watched throughout 2022 with unique indicators.

In the study, 94 news and 6 TV main news bulletins about women and girls with disabilities or women and girls with disabilities were analyzed in the context of inclusion, accessibility and gender equality.

The monitoring study, which reveals that the media sees women and girls with disabilities from a certain angle and shows them with stereotypes, shows that disabled women are invisible and negligent as individuals, as well as that they are violated, discriminated against and excluded from human rights through the media.

In the study, it was pointed out that a small number of news that dealt with a woman or a girl free of stereotypes as a rightful individual instead of an object of the news focused on success stories.

Highlights from the report are;

  • Women with disabilities and girls are also squeezed into these stereotypical representations and are subject to double discrimination in terms of both gender and disability.
  • The fact that women with disabilities have privileges also causes their desires, experiences, conflicts, struggles, desires, achievements, achievements, efforts, identities and rights not to be revealed.
  • Since the sexuality and gender of disabled women are perceived as nonexistent, reporting of criminal, sexual assault or abuse draws the attention of the reader/audience; what the media sees presents the event itself and the victim-subject as the worst forms for more clicks/ratings/circulation.
  • In terms of visual use in the news, it matches the underrepresented gender stereotypes of mothers of disabled children or mothers with children with disabilities.

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