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SPOD Maraton

SPoD calls for Istanbul Marathon

The Social Policy, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association(SPoD) Association invites everyone who wants to contribute to LGBTI+ visibility to participate in the Public Run at the Istanbul Marathon on November 5.

SPoD called for the public run by saying, "You can expand our dream of a fair, equal and free world under the rainbow at the 45th Istanbul Marathon."

The call was as follows:

At the 45th Istanbul Marathon, you can raise our dream of a just, equal and free world under the rainbow! There are only a few things you need to do to join us:

Firstly, you can find out how to register for the People's Run by browsing the Istanbul Marathon website. Then you can support SPoD by clicking on our Fonzip page and sharing our marathon e-card! 

Don't forget to share your campaign and run on social media channels with the hashtag #SPoDlaKoşuyorum and tag us! 

Opening day of the People's Run registration: 25 October.

Click to get detailed information.

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