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SPOD Communication Team Volunteer Applications Opened

The communication team of SPoD, which aims to contribute to the production of social policies necessary for a life where LGBTI+s in Turkey will not feel under pressure regarding their gender identity and sexual orientation and continues its activities in this direction, is being re-established.

What is the Communication Team?

With the coordination of the Communication Coordinator, the team of volunteers contributes to the communication processes of the association. These communication processes include creating content and visuals for the press and social media, campaigns and advertisements, preparation of the activity and press releases, design, adaptation, and application of printed and visual materials, following corporate identity studies, keeping the website up-to-date, creating activities to strengthen intra-association communication and the association and conducting studies that will increase its recognition.

How will the volunteering process work?

Deadline for application: March 27, 2022, at 23:59

Preliminary meeting dates: April 11-15, 2022, meeting with Zoom

Applicants will receive positive or negative feedback until April 1, 2022. Pre-interview dates will be selected among the dates specified above according to the eligibility date of the applicant and the Communication Coordinator.


*Orientation date will be determined according to the suitability of the volunteers whose applications are accepted after the interviews.

Who is the Communication Team volunteer?

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Working in harmony with the Communications Coordinator To fulfill the duties and responsibilities that will be acquired after the distribution of duties in line with the interests and skills specified in the application.
  • Participating in team meetings to be held every 15 days and other activities organized by the team or the association when necessary,
  • To act following the SPoD Communication Strategy,
  • To act under the Communication Team Volunteer Policy Document.

*Since the basic duties and responsibilities within the team will be determined according to the interests and skills of the volunteer, detailed information will be given by the Communication Coordinator after the orientation.

Qualification and expectations:

  • Being sensitive and knowledgeable on issues affecting LGBTI+s
  • Acting without prejudice in the face of the multicultural nature of the people to be contacted Ability to work independently and as a member of a team
  • Being a good listener, having the necessary communication skills, and establishing an empathetic relationship
  • Working in the Communications Team for at least one year
  • Having a strong sense of business ethics and being open to feedback
  • Supporting other volunteers of the team and being ready to share knowledge and experience with new volunteers
  • Defining himself as the subject of the LGBTI+ movement
  • To comply with the principles and policy documents of the association
  • Participate in the online orientation
  • Taking responsibility for at least 5 hours a month excluding meetings and events
  • To understand the importance of the confidentiality rule, internalize it and not deviate from this rule
  • Preferably be proficient in at least one of the subjects of copywriting, graphic design, video production, performance marketing, digital marketing, social media management, and reporting
  • Proficiency in a second language, preferably English, Kurdish, and Arabic


SPoD's responsibilities:

  • To provide capacity building training on thematic issues that the Communication Team volunteers needed
  • To explain the operation and procedures of the association
  • Organizing self-care workshops to protect the well-being of its volunteers

You will gain:

  • Developing communication skills
  • Training and capacity building, personal and professional development
  • To be informed about social issues and to develop social responsibility awareness
  • Making a difference in the LGBTI+ movement
  • Volunteering in an organization that values ​​diversity
  • Experiencing organizational practices
  • Being in safe areas for LGBTI+s and contributing to the creation of these areas


What to consider:

  • Timing is important. If you are going through a busy period in your life, being a Communication Team volunteer can be challenging for you right now.

Click for the application form!


For your questions and problems, you can use the address [email protected].

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