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SPoD is Looking for an Administrative Affairs Coordinator

SPoD is looking for an administrative affairs coordinator to assign to its office in Istanbul.

Job description

  • Performing basic administrative work, purchasing, and stock management,
  • Keeping track of incoming and outgoing documents and recording the ledger,
  • Cargo operations and their follow-up,
  • Controlling corporate communication channels (phone and e-mail) and directing them to relevant areas when necessary,
  • Determining all administrative procurement needs and ensuring their budgeting, making purchases following the general policy of the association,
  • Creating personnel files,
  • Receiving membership applications and making subsequent transactions; keeping member contact and addressing information up-to-date,
  • Following the meetings to be held with the members, maintaining communication with the members,
  • Writing the decisions of the Board of Directors (Membership acceptance, Membership Resignation, Change in the organs of the Association, Cash Assistance, Project Applications, Changes in the signature circular, etc.) in the decision book and ensuring that the necessary signatures are completed and to follow up,
  • Organizing juridical and legal transactions and following and managing processes (correspondence, notification, transaction follow-up, registration, and registration, etc.) related to official institutions (tax office, SGK, Trade Registry Offices, notary public, etc.).
  • Carrying out all official transactions related to the associations such as General Assembly, change in the organs of the association Member acceptance, request to leave the membership, member representative change, regulation change, associations declaration and notification of receiving foreign aid within the scope of the project, completing the requested documents and correspondence and reporting to the Provincial Civil Society Relations Directorate,
  • Preparing for annual internal and external audits,
  • Following and presenting relevant financial and administrative records and official documents in audits,
  • Keeping the economic operation of the association up to date, preparing orders, shipping, and following the invoice processes,
  • Following the Policy Documents, working with the Board of Directors, General Coordinator, and relevant persons, completing the missing documents,
  • Attending team meetings; participating in events when necessary,
  • Fulfilling other responsibilities as directed by the General Coordinator.

Required Qualifications

  • Having graduated from the relevant departments of the University or Vocational Schools or having experience in this field,
  • Having worked in a similar position for 3 years before,
  • Having full competence in using MS Office Programs
  • Working carefully and paying attention to details,
  • Being in favor of peaceful, open, and transparent communication,
  • Having at least an intermediate level of English,
  • Having technical knowledge about computers, printers, and other office equipment, 
  • Having basic accounting knowledge,
  • Planning and organizing your own business,
  • Being aware of human rights in general, LGBTI+ rights and gender equality in particular,
  • Understanding and adhering to SPoD's policy, values, and internal policy documents.
  • Residing in Istanbul.

Those who want to apply for the post must fill in the application form by 23:59 on Tuesday, 28 June 2022.

For details of the posting, please see here.

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