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Support Call for Turkey-Germany Youth Exchanges

Youth Bridge Turkey-Germany will support partner organizations that carry out joint projects in both countries to strengthen exchanges between young people. As part of the support, young people will have the opportunity to work freely on a topic of their choice during mutual visits.

Important information

  • Implementation: September 1, 2023 - August 30, 2024. The first meeting should take place this year.
  • Scope: Accompanying digital meetings are requested for an on-site meeting, preparation, and subsequent evaluation.
  • Age of participants: 13-30 years old
  • Number of participants: at least 10 young people from both countries and 2 group leaders, i.e. a total of at least 24 people
  • Duration: 5 program days per meeting (excluding travel days)
  • Funding will cover: Travel, accommodation, meals, program costs, fees

Who can apply?

To apply, there must be a partnership between a Turkish and a German organization that jointly conceives and implements the project idea, and the application must be submitted by a public institution or a non-profit private legal entity based in Germany.

The deadline for the application is 01 August 2023.

For more information:

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