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TUSEV Publishes the Monitoring Matrix for a Enabling Environment for Civil Society Türkiye Report

TUSEV has published the Enabling Environment Monitoring Matrix Turkey Report for Civil Society within the scope of the Monitoring Freedom of Association Project supported by the European Union and carried out jointly. The report examining the enabling environment for civil society under three headings; It is a publication that presents policy recommendations for the government, international organization and donors.

The report, prepared by the members of the Balkan Civil Society Support Network (BCSDN), including TUSEV, by applying the Monitoring Matrix methodology created with the support of the International Non-Profit Law Center (ICNL) and the European Non-Profit Law Center (ECNL), three under the heading.

A comprehensive study that includes desk and field work

A comprehensive study was done, which is within the scope of the report, that consists of three main sections. Fundamental Legal Assurances of Freedoms, Framework for the Financial Capacity and Sustainability of CSOs, and Public-CSO Relationship, it is based on desk and field research in order to determine the current situation regarding the legal and financial legislation and practices concerning associations and foundations. 

In addition to examining the legislation and legislative drafts related to civil society, activity reports, action plans and drafts of public institutions, websites, news, statistics, parliamentary minutes and budget presentations of ministries, applications for information were made to relevant public institutions. Sources prepared by TUSEV and other stakeholders in the field, European Commission Country Reports, international reports, newspaper and magazine articles and academic publications were also reviewed.

A field study was also carried out during the preparation process of the report. During the fieldwork carried out between 21 June and 25 August 2022, questionnaires were applied to a total of 1,003 CSO representatives, 800 of which are associations and 203 foundations operating in Turkey, 48 in-depth interviews and 2 focus group meetings were held. 

Suggestions and determinations for a enabling environment for civil society

The report also included recommendations for changes and policies that should be adopted in legislation and practice, based on the monitoring indicators revealed by the monitoring methodology.

The recommendations of the report include freedom of association, the administration's intervention in civil society, securing financial resources, the right to assembly and demonstration, freedom of expression, participation in policy development and decision-making processes.

Click here to view the Monitoring Matrix of the Favorable Environment for Civil Society Turkey Report.

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