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The Video Series: CSO Management and Fundamental Issues Is On-Air

We would like to share with you the news of our new video series developed and produced within the framework of the “Technical Support for Strengthening CSOs Capacities for engage in Prevention of CEFM” Project, that has been jointly implemented by the United Nations Pupulation Fund (UNFPA) and Civil Society Development Center (STGM).

The program providing technical support to 20 civil society organizations for advocacy and institutional capacity empowerment via capacity development trainings, institutional coaching and provision of digital tools and platforms also targeted production of short informative videos for CSOs. Today, we are launching the first video series on CSO Management and Fundamental Issues on Youtube. 

Prepared and presented by Aysun Telek the video series entitled “CSO Management and Fundamental Issues” will cover issues listed below essential for the effective and efficient management of our organizations: 

A Review/Glance at the Principles and Issues of CSO Management


Strategic Planning

Staff and Volunteers

Partnerships and Collaborations

Resource Management: Financial Resources 

Resource Management: Information Management

Evaluation and Monitoring 


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