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Volunteer Management

Civil society organizations are made up of volunteers who come together around a common goal and have established domestic law. However, as organizations develop and their institutional structures expand, they need regular human resources. This human resource consists of professional employees as well as volunteers comprising of members or supporters.

Considering that there is only one paid worker for every three civil society organizations in our country, it is better understood how important volunteers are for civil society organizations. However, working effectively with volunteers requires good planning of important points, starting with the definition of volunteering.

STGM produces content, provides technical support and organizes trainings to support CSOs in the field of volunteering. 

Our Publications

If your organization needs support in terms of relations with volunteers, you can first review our publications. We can immediately recommend two publications for this.

The Guidebook on Volunteering and Volunteer Management for CSOs,  a joint work by Nafiz Güder and Private Sector Volunteers Association, explains through examples the points needed to be taken into consideration by civil society organizations in regards to volunteer management. You can also examine the publication of Bilgi University titled Collaboration with Volunteers, which is one of the reference books on this subject. 

For practical advice, you can check out another more recent publication: Fundamental Steps to Take for Volunteer Management in Civil Society Organisation. Bu bilgi notumuzda gönüllü çalışmasını planlarken şu adımların izlenmesini öneriyoruz: In this annotation, we recommend the following steps while planning volunteer work: i) Organization-Specific Volunteer Definition, ii) Defining the Need Correctly, iii) Reaching Volunteers in the Right Media, iv) Planning and Process Management, v) Feedback and Assessment Mechanism

You can also use our presentation on Collaboration with Volunteers for small presentations within your organization.

Technical support

In addition to these resources that you can use on your own, if you need technical support, CSO Support Point provides expert support within the scope of  Organizational Coaching. ou can contact the CSO Support Point for your organizational coaching requests offered within the scope of our CSO Resource Center Project.


Finally, the management of relations with volunteers is also addressed in the curriculum of Trainings on CSO Management. The volunteer management module of the training aims to support CSOs in creating a volunteer management program compatible with their specificities.  For this purpose, the module primarily focuses on determining CSO's own volunteer definition and defining their needs. This section focuses on what needs to be done to prepare mechanisms for correct communication, volunteer orientation, volunteer training, and feedback by organizations.

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