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Fundamental Steps to Take for Volunteer Management in Civil Society Organizations

In the information note titled as Fundamental Steps to Take for Volunteer Management in Civil Society Organizations, the steps to be taken in regards to organizations’ volunteering activities are listed. In the introduction to the information note, it is highlighted that the volunteering activity should first be defined specific to the organization during the planning of such activity.
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Volunteers are a very important human resource for civil society organizations. As the volunteers are of indispensable importance for the organizations’ performance of their fundamental activities, CSOs are able to realise all kinds of activities from advocacy to lobbying by way of voluntary labour thanks to volunteers.

The steps to follow while planning volunteer activity are included as follows. 

  • Organization-Specific Volunteer Definition
  • Correctly Defining the Need
  • Reaching out to Volunteers in Correct Environment
  • Planning and Process Management
  • Feedback and Evaluation Mechanism
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