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We Are Now Accepting Applications for the School on Participatory Democracy

Within the scope of our Monitoring Freedom of Association project, we have begun receiving applications for the School of Participatory Democracy, which we will organize in October to strengthen citizen participation in local decision-making processes in collaboration with the Council of Europe.

Contents of the training

The training organized with the aim of strengthening the participation of citizens in local decision-making processes, will provide information on the Council of Europe's standards and tools for participatory democracy. The five-day course will cover a variety of approaches to citizens engagement at the local level, strategies for maximising inclusion, exercises for designing public consultations plans, and include toolkits and case studies on a range of themes pertinent to participatory policymaking at the local level and share examples of best practices.

Please find the draft agenda, sneakers and background information in the attached documents.

Education place and date

The training will be held in Ankara between 09-13 October 2023.

Working language will be English.

Who can apply for the training?

Public officials (including elected officials) from local authorities (LAs)  and representatives of civil society organizations can apply to the School for Participatory Democracy. 
Education is open to applications from all cities in Turkey.

How will the participant evaluation be done?

30 participants will be selected for the Participatory Democracy School, from 15 representative of the local authority and from 15 representative of the national and local civil society.

Participants will be selected against the following criteria:

  • Fluency in English
  • Gender balance
  • Geographical distribution
  • Balance between CSOs and LAs representatives
  • For NGOs; Experience in participating in the decision-making processes of municipalities or monitoring and evaluating the decision-making processes will be an advantage.
  • For local governments; Experience of working with NGOs in decision-making processes will be an advantage.
  • Accommodation and transportation expenses of those who will attend the training from outside the city will be covered by us.

Application calendar

Civil society representatives and local authorities representatives who want to participate in the training must fill out the registration form by 18.00 on Friday, September 18, 2023. Selected participants will be informed by e-mail on Friday, September 22, 2023.

To apply, please click on the registration form for CSO’s. 

To apply, please click on the registration form for local authorities. 

Key dates

  • Deadline for the interested candidates to apply for the School: 18 September 2023
  • Information to the candidates about the selection results: 22 September 2023
  • Information meeting: 2 October 2023, 11:00 - 13:00 Turkish time (Online)

The Introduction Meeting will provide participants with concepts and values underlying civil participation in local political decision-making and share Council of Europe standards and guidelines on civil participation. At the meeting, where the agenda for the face-to-face training to be held in Ankara will also be conveyed, working documents will be sent to the participants so that they can prepare for the training.

  • Council of Europe School on Participatory Democracy Tools: 9 - 13 October 2023-Ankara
  • Assessment on further training needs: December 2023

For questions about the training organization, you can contact us at [email protected]. For questions about education, you can use the address [email protected].

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