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"We Believe in Civil Society and We Regard Its Views"

As part of the Europe Day events, under the moderation of our chairman Dr. Levent Korkut, we talked with the Head of EU Delegation Ambassador Christian Berger about the Schumann Declaration which is celebrating its 70th age this year, the relations between Turkey and Europe, and the relation of European Union with civil society.

While Christian Berger firstly informing about the time when Schumann Declaration was established, which is regarded as a building block for European Union, reminded that Europe had left the wars behind and both the declaration and European Union are projects for peace. Berger emphasized that solidarity provides the basis of the European Union, along with the variety of customs and cultures of nations. In addition to this, while Berger reminded that the common ground of members of the union is the strong and common belief in rule of law, said that the differences forming the union is the factor that sustains the union.

Berger, who said the European Union has full faith in civil society in solving the problems, influencing the decision-makers and the contribution to our lives, stated that he encourages civil society to decision-making processes of the European Union’s work. While Berger said that they support the civil society activities in several levels in Turkey, told
that they also support the close cooperation between civil society organizations of Turkey and Europe.

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