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We Met with Birlikte Participants at the Post-Earthquake Solidarity Meeting

Within the scope of our Birlikte 2 Program supported by the European Union, we organized a solidarity meeting after the Kahramanmaraş Earthquakes on March 1, 2023.

55 representatives from 25 Birlikte Program participant CSOs attended the meeting where we discussed both the work of CSOs in the earthquake region and the possibilities and ways of solidarity in the post-earthquake reconstruction process.

In the new period of BİRLİKTE, 6 organizations continue their activities in the earthquake-affected geography such as Diyarbakır, Hatay-Antakya and Adana.

What are the CSOs participating in BİRLİKTE doing after the earthquakes?

  • Different organizations are working on monitoring rights violations and legal processes. 
  • NGOs participating in Birlikte take part in the solidarity networks established immediately after the earthquake. 
  • CSOs support widespread announcements with the communication tools at their disposal to disseminate earthquake-related calls. 
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