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We met with CSOs in the Right to Participation Training held in İzmir

We met with CSOs in Izmir for the training on the Right to Participation, which we organised within the framework of our European Union-supported project on Monitoring Freedom of Association and conducted jointly with TÜSEV.

We held the 3-day training on 23-24-25 March 2022, which was attended by 15 CSOs from Izmir and surrounding cities. During the training, we talked about freedom of association in national and international legislation, advocacy, campaigning, lobbying techniques, information gathering, evidence-based advocacy and research techniques, CSO participation in drafting legislation, local participation mechanisms and participation mechanisms in central administration.

Dr. Ulaş Karan, a member of the Faculty of Law of Bilgi University, mentioned the freedom of association in national and international legislation, Hakan Ataman explained the methods of advocacy, Ikbal Polat one of the founders of Urban Strategies and Local Practises Association told about the mechanisms of local participation, while the participation of CSOs in the processes of preparing legislation was explained by Prof. Dr. Fahri Bakırcı, a faculty member of the University TOBB ETU, and Murat Özçelebi explained the mechanisms of participation in the central administration.

Women's Association and Gömeç Roma Culture and Solidarity Association from Balıkesir, Denizli Autism Association from Denizli, Turgutlu Physical Disability Association from Manisa, The Rural Schools Transformation Network Association (KODA), Çağdaş İzmir Youth Initiative Association, Konak Refugee Association, Mediterranean Protection Association, İzmir Jewish Community Foundation, Association for Monitoring Equal Rights, İzmir City Council Women's Assembly, Hayalime Ortak Ol Association, Alevi Yol Kültür Association, Pedestrian Association and Dört Mevsim Yaşam Boyu Oyun ve Öğrenme Association from İzmir, participated to training.

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