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You are Invited to STGM Friday Meetings: This Month Our Topic is Feminism As New “Meta-Politics”: Women’s Movement In Türkiye Beyond All Ideological And Political Dispositions

We continue to create a space for civil society organizations to discuss different topics with the Friday Meetings we organize within the scope of our Capacity Building Center Project for Civil Society supported by the European Union. Our guest in January is Özge Konuralp, Turkey Coordinator of the Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organizations in the Western Balkans and Turkey (EU TACSO 3).

What Will We Talk About?

We will talk to Özge Konuralp about her recently completed PhD thesis "Feminism As New “Meta-Politics”: Women’s Movement In Türkiye Beyond All Ideological And Political Dispositions 

The thesis aims to examine the general state of the women's movement in Turkey, which has proven to have great potential to overcome historical ideological and political divisions between different women's groups and to bring women's rights and gender equality to the political agenda in Turkey. The thesis, whose main research question is whether and to what extent women's organizations and the women's movement, which claim to appeal to "all women", are willing or able to overcome the ideological gaps between them, also takes into account the fact that women's organizations are not completely independent from ideological and political divisions.

The thesis also examines the different stances of women's organizations towards "feminism" and the different perspectives of women representing different generations, taking into account the important potential of the women's movement to create an inclusive public sphere that encompasses all different identities.

The research conducted as part of the thesis is based on in-depth, semi-structured interviews with 56 representatives of 25 different women's organizations in Turkey with different political stances (including secular, liberal, feminist/reformist, socialist, Kemalist and Islamic women's organizations), conducted between 2020-2021. The conclusion of the interviews with different women's organizations is that the women's movement has a great potential to overcome the ideological and political divisions between different women's groups, but also has the potential to expand the boundaries of "feminism" and offer a new understanding of "supra-politics".

We would be happy to see the representatives of CSOs who are interested in our meeting. If you would like to be with us at the event, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] with your participation status.

Where and When is the Friday Gathering?

The event will take place on Friday, January 19, 2023 between 15.30-18.00 at our office in Ankara.

Click here to participate.
STGM Office:  Barbaros Mah. Buğday Sok. 2/10, Çankaya
*Open only to CSO representatives.

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