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Birlikte yaka pinleri


Birlikte network is designed to facilitate the exchange of experiences between participants in the new period, create a basis for cooperation opportunities, and strengthen relationships with international networks.

Our previous experience in the BİRLİKTE program showed us that a structured grant support and capacity development program, which regularly brings the beneficiaries together on various events and occasions helps them to familiarize themselves with the work of peer CSOs, share the challenges they face and formulate solutions. The gatherings further served as a physical hub and inspired the GBs to share experiences and collaborate with their peers.

Birlikte Network aims to facilitate the sharing of experience among CSOs, create cooperation opportunities, and strengthen their relations with national and international networks. In this context, we will also offer various supports to the participating organizations.

  • A Digital Platform for BİRLİKTE GBs: A digital portal will be established for the GBs to share their work, announcements, news, success stories, resources, and publications. This will enable dynamic and sustainable communication among the grant beneficiaries. 
  • P2P Meetings for Networking: CSO meetings are designed according to the needs and requirements of CSOs that are eligible for grants. This series of events is essentially aimed at sharing experiences and knowledge among CSOs.
  • Online Civic Space Talks: These are the forums that will be organized to assess the latest developments in the field of civil society, the civil society agenda in Turkey and the problems faced by CSOs.
  • Experience Sharing with Irish Civil Society: This component, which will be carried out with the support of STGM's project partner The Wheel in Ireland, aims to strengthen the relations of GBs with CSOs working in similar fields in Ireland, and with international networks. In this context, study visits and a job shadowing program for CSO activists will be organized. The theme of the study visits and the country to be visited will be determined by the program beneficiaries and Irish CSOs. Job shadowing program will offer activists from participating organizations the opportunity to work for a CSO in Ireland.
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