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CIVICUS 2022 Report Published: Civil Society Continues to Strive to Make a Difference in a Challenging Process

The international civil society organization CIVICUS (World Alliance for Citizen Participation), which assesses the activities and operations of civil society around the world through its annual reports, has published the "State of Civil Society Report," which includes its 2022 assessment.

While the launch of the report stated that the publication sheds light on the period of turmoil and struggle, it emphasized that civil society has been striving to make a difference in this difficult process.

The five global trends in the report are:

  • The report stated that rising fuel and food costs have sparked a public outcry against mismanagement of the economy and ignited protests, 
  • Democracy is under attack, but there is also positive progress,
  • Despite various interventions, progress has been made in the fight against social inequality,
  • Civil society continues to push for climate action,
  • It was noted that the current crises have exposed the shortcomings of international governance systems.

People will Continue to Protest Against States

The report noted that governments are failing to protect people from the effects of massive price increases, which have been exacerbated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It was found that public anger against poverty, economic inequality, and corruption increased, leading to mass protests.

The report recalled that the economic crisis in Sri Lanka led to the resignation of the prime minister and widespread protests against mismanagement, while Iranians protesting the rise in food prices also called for radical change. The report said that forced protests will continue, including in many countries where fundamental freedoms are suppressed and state violence is felt.

Democracy wins despite attacks

The report stressed that the institutions and traditions of democracy are increasingly under attack and that military coups have threatened gains and the military is gaining strength in many countries, including Burkina Faso and Sudan. It was noted that fraudulent elections were held in several countries, such as Nicaragua and Turkmenistan, while despotic nationalists won elections in countries such as Hungary and the Philippines.

Despite all these negative developments, it was noted that there are successful examples of democracy being defended. The report noted that people in the Czech Republic and Slovenia voted for alternative leaders rather than divisive political leaders. In countries like Chile and Honduras, progressive politicians who promise to advance social justice are gaining power.

Despite attacks, there is progress in addressing social inequality

The report said that while opportunistic politicians continue to defame LGBTI+ people to gain political advantage, progress has been made in the development of women's and LGBTI+ rights in a global context. The report recalled that in Switzerland, an overwhelming majority voted in favor of the Marriage Equality Act, while in Jamaica, significant progress has been made in civil society participation in human rights conventions.

Civil society continues to push for climate action

The 2022 report noted that the younger generation is the social force that continues to make waves on the issue of climate change, while civil society continues to press governments and corporations for urgent action through climate strikes and mass marches.

Click here to read the CIVICUS State of Civil Society 2022 report in English.

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