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301-Digital Literacy and Digital Transformation


With digitalization, it has become essential for individuals to increase their digital literacy levels and for organizations to implement their digital transformation processes. Especially disadvantaged individuals and communities need to increase their digital literacy skills for effective use of digital technologies, which have critical importance in their participation in social life, by professionals working in the civil society field who are aware of the importance of digital transformation for today and the future, and who aim to acquire the digital skills required by the age.

The 301-Digital Literacy and Digital Transformation face-to-face program aims to take what is covered in online content to the next level and reinforce it with practical applications. Designed with an approach suitable for rights-based CSOs, the program includes listening-watching workshops on digital topics, applications related to cloud technologies, as well as sessions on information ecosystem, digital security, news verification, and digital transformation.

  • To learn the concept of digital literacy and its impact on the business world,
  • To hear changes in news and news channels in the digital age, concepts of fake news and hate speech, and their social impacts,
  • To discover working principles of search engines and understanding keyword selection and the target audience to be reached for effective use of the internet,
  • To get basic information on digital security and what needs to be done for digital privacy,
  • To discuss digitalization and digital transformation concepts, disruptive technologies and their uses,
  • To understand cultural dimension of digital transformation and its effects on the work life, as well as the strategic and planning skills that CSOs need to have in their digital transformation processes,
  • To learn digital platforms that CSOs can use for remote work and digital planning for remote work.
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