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304-Data Visualization and Advocacy

About the Training Program

With digitization, data has become more important than ever. We produce more data in two days than humanity produced until the 2000s, and most of this data is accessible to anyone using the internet.

Working with data, understanding data and being able to communicate data require some skills. People who are data literate create value in their workspaces by using data more effectively. By making data-based decisions, they measure their work in a data-driven way. Of course, data is also very important for civil society. Understanding social problems and producing solutions to these problems becomes more possible by working with data. Moreover, data-driven advocacy and lobbying can be very persuasive.

With each passing day, it's getting harder and harder to sift through a flood of information to understand what's important and what isn't. Data visualization makes information analysis easier and faster, giving you the ability to see important issues at a glance. At this point, it becomes more and more important that civil society is also data literate and able to work with data more effectively.

At this point, Data Visualization and Advocacy training aims to increase the skills of civil society organizations in basic data analysis, data visualization and using data in their studies.

What will you learn?
  • The meaning and scope of data literacy in the digital age,
  • The concepts of data collection, data cleaning and data editing,
  • How the data can be used and how the data strategy will be created,
  • Principles and rules of data visualization and digital tools that can be used in data visualization,
  • Data visualization methods and storytelling with data,
  • Graphic types and their usage areas,
  • Data-driven advocacy and data storytelling with different digital tools
How Much Time Should You Spend?

It is enough to spare 3 days for the “304-Data Visualization and Advocacy” training program to be held face to face. This face-to-face training will take place between 06-07-08 October 2022.

If you have decided to participate in “304-Data Visualization and Advocacy” online only, good news! There is no set start and end date. You can start at the time you set and finish at the pace you set. We recommend you to spare 2 hours a day and complete the whole program in 2 days. The video content in “304-Data Visualization and Advocacy” takes a total of 1.5 hours, and the reading materials take a total of 2 hours. So the total duration of all content is 3.5 hours.

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