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Scale Up Organisations

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General Information

We want to improve our work in civil society, to diversify our human and financial resources, and to deepen our relations with our volunteers. For this, first of all, we need to strengthen our institutional capacity. For this purpose, 404-Scale Up Organisations is designed for organizations that want to take their institutional capacity to a higher level and establish new and sustainable mechanisms within their organization.

Scale up Organisations consists of 4 courses. The content of each course was designed independently from each other, but in a way that supports each other.

Scale up organisations was designed with a long-term training course approach. The long-term training course does not only refer to the duration, but also emphasizes a method that feeds the development processes of the participants with different tools and focuses on participation and experience.

Scale up Organizations comes up with this perspective. Each course title is primarily a comprehensive and structured capacity-strengthening training that combines participants' practical experience in the field with academic and professional knowledge. Based on the learning-by-doing and adult education approach, it gives the opportunity to experience and reflect on the issues and concepts that are at the center of organizational capacity. 

We have two options for joining Scale up Organisations. One is a face-to-face course program. It covers a period of 4 months. Every month, we meet, talk and discuss with the experts on the topic in the training course with 3-day meetings.

Another option is the online Scale up Organisations training course, which we complete at our own pace of learning and planning. The online content includes key concepts, discussions and information for the courses covered in the course program. As such, it forms the basis of the face-to-face course program, and having completed the online content during your application gives you a priority. 

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What Will You Learn?

In Scale up Organisations, we will;

  • Discuss volunteering within the framework of citizenship, analyze the expectations of our organization and volunteers well, be aware of the scope of local legislation and exemplary policies, and determine the steps to be followed in order to create a sustainable policy;
  • Talk about the historical background of the protection of personal data, how personal data will be processed, what we need to do to fulfill our legal obligations and the documents we need to prepare; 
  • Learn how to create a fundraising strategy, practical solutions about different fundraising methods, and charity and fundraising law;
  • Focus on the basic principles of advocacy and the different forms of advocacy and methods that can be used.
Who is it For?

Organizations that aim to strengthen the capacity of their organizations, establish institutional and sustainable systems within the organization, and activists who are interested in institutionalization processes can join Scale up Organisations. In order to follow the program, there is no need for any basic knowledge and skills related to the topics covered.

How Much Time Should You Spare?

The Scale up Organisations face-to-face program was designed with a long-term training course approach. For 4 months, it is enough to set aside 3 days a month for face-to-face meetings. We would like to remind you that from time to time, after face-to-face meetings, trainers may ask you for various preparations and tasks. 

07-08-09 December 2022 401 - Relationship with Volunteers
11-12-13 January 2023 402 - Step by Step Personal Data Protection Law
15-16-17 February 2023 403 - Methods in Fundraising
15-16-17 March 2023 404 - Advocacy


If you've decided to join Scale up Organisations online-only, good news! There is no set start and end date. You can start at the time you set and finish at the pace you set. Our recommendation to you is to spend 3 hours a week and complete the entire program in 4 weeks. Video content in Scale up Organisations takes 5 hours and reading materials take 4 hours. So the total duration of all content is 9 hours.

How can You Join?

You can join the Scale up Organisations program either online or face-to-face.

If you want to participate in the face-to-face program of Scale up Organisations, simply click the "Face to Face" button and follow the steps to register. Applications will be opened on October 20, 2022 and the deadline for applications is Sunday, November 20, 2022 at 23:59.

Within 10 days of the application deadline, the application evaluation process will be completed and you will receive a response regarding your application. Let us remind you that if your application is accepted, a "support letter" will be requested from the management structure of the organization you represent, stating that they support your participation in the entire program on behalf of your organization.

If you want to join Scale up Organisations online at your own learning pace, at the time and place of your choosing, simply click the "Online" button and follow the steps to register. After completing your registration, you will be able to access online content from Scale up Organizations. We recommend that you finish these online contents before applying for the in-person program. In this way, you will give your application a priority.

Participation Certificate

You will receive a digital "Completion Badge" when you complete each training in the "Scale up Organisations" program. At the end of the program, when you obtain 4 digital completion badges, a digital “Certificate of Participation” issued in your name will be sent to the e-mail address you used while registering.

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