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504 - Refugee Rights and Mainstreaming


Civil society organizations working on rights-based activities in different fields can make their advocacy work on refugee rights more effective by having basic knowledge, using correct concepts and mainstreaming refugee rights. Mainstreaming can only be achieved through organizations including the phenomenon of migration and refugees in their work with a bottom-up approach. This inclusiveness also ensures that refugees are evaluated as individuals who contribute to their own future as well as to the society they live in, rather than passive beneficiaries of humanitarian aid.

The title 504- Refugee Rights and Mainstreaming was designed to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations on refugee situations and rights for mainstreaming processes of refugee rights in the civil society agenda, to ensure the representation of refugees in rights-based activities.

The online course content 504- Refugee Rights and Mainstreaming was prepared by the Human Resources Development Foundation (IKGV), a partner of the "Civil Society Capacity Building Center" project implemented by the General Directorate of Foundations (STGM) and supported by the European Union under the Civil Society Facility (CSF) framework.

  • To discuss why and how the phenomenon of migration should be integrated into the development agenda,
  • To discover the importance of social cohesion,
  • To learn the content and scope of the protection concept, as well as the differences between State protection and International protection,
  • To understand the protection needs of refugee groups with special needs and the problems they face in accessing rights and services in Turkey,
  • To discuss how refugees should be added to the civil society agenda
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Certificate of Participation
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