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European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) Conservation Project Funding

EOCA funds projects which benefit biodiversity in a wild landscape.
  • The definition of ‘landscape’ includes marine environments, and a broad range of wild, non-urban spaces. Projects must conserve, protect, enhance, restore, and/or reconnect habitats within a given landscape that are particularly important for the biodiversity there.
  • The biodiversity focus should also address the importance that EOCA places on the issue of climate change. Projects should ensure that the habitats being conserved are those that sequester carbon, reduce emissions, enable adaptations to climate change, and/or protect against further habitat and biodiversity loss.
  • It is also very important that the projects are beneficial to the local communities that live in, or near, these habitats. Projects should highlight how they encourage local stewardship of habitats, alleviate poverty, support local ecosystem services, while at the same time, having a link to outdoor enthusiasts who value these precious wild spaces.

For detailed information, please visit:

*For CSOs who wish to apply, it is suggested to be contacted with the  Europen Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) regarding the eligibility of Turkey.

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