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Festival Time: Participation, Well-Being and Aesthetic at the Civil Voices Festival

Those who believe a better world is possible, those who dream of change, those who set out together to make a difference, and civil society organizations across Turkey come together at the Civil Voices Festival.

The fifth Civil Voices Festival, which brings together rights-based organizations and activists from Turkey and around the world, will be held this year in Ankara from September 30 to October 1.

At the Civil Voices Festival, which we are organizing for the fifth time this year under the slogan Civil Society is You: Participation, Wellbeing, Aesthetic #inyourvoice!

The two-day festival will feature panel discussions regarding civil society issues with guests from Turkey and abroad, workshops, events, various exhibitions and stage performances organized by civil society organizations.

Let's shape the festival together

We would like to shape the Civil Voices Festival  program with your contributions which we envision as a many-voiced choir where civil society organizations from different fields of work can share their experiences, knowledge, practice and dreams.

What would make you happy at this year's Civil Voices Festival? Write to us here who you would like to see and hear at the festival.

Apply to the festival!

Believing that the world will be a better and more beautiful place "by means of civil society" we invite CSOs to our festival to share what has changed because of your efforts, to make your voice heard more, and to share your work. Come, let our colorful voices lift each other up!

The festival application form can be found here.

Deadline to apply for the festival: Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 11:59pm.

Depending on the evaluation, the accommodation and travel costs of the selected CSO representatives will be covered by STGM.

You can follow developments regarding the festival at contact us at [email protected].

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