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Flying Broom Foundation Opens "Digital Education Platform for Women's Access to Justice"

The Flying Broom Foundation opened the "Women's Access to Justice Digital Education Platform," created as part of the Women's Access to Justice and Human Rights Mechanisms project.

The platform, opened as part of the project implemented by UN Women with funding from the European Union, discusses the concept of access to justice under four different headings and with a focus on gender equality.

The first module, entitled Basic Concepts of Violence and Discrimination, defines types of violence, gender-based violence, domestic violence, violence against children, the cycle of violence, discrimination, and gender-based discrimination.

In the second module, Law No. 6284 on the Protection of the Family and Prevention of Violence Against Women, which regulates the mechanisms that women subjected to violence, will be explained in a language that everyone can understand.

The third module, entitled Rights-Based Advocacy and Strategic Litigation in Combating Violence Against Women, aimed primarily at civil society organizations working in the field of women's rights, will provide information on rights-based advocacy and strategic litigation, as well as basic concepts related to gender.

The final module, entitled National and International Regulations in Combating Gender-Based Violence, is aimed at lawyers and provides detailed information on national and international legislation on combating gender-based violence.

You can access the accessible platform at

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