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The Funding Network

TFN brings together individuals who want to fund social change projects. It aims to raise funds especially for small scale projects that are difficult to fund. Unlike many funding agencies, it also provides support for basic and administrative expenses. 
Alternative Funding Sources

In order to participate in the Funding Network, Civil Society Organizations must register on the website. Registered organizations can then submit the project application text. 

The selection committee makes a selection of the applied projects and presents the projects to the funders (donors). Funders choose projects according to their interests. The maximum funding provided for a project is 5,000 British Pounds.

The Funding Network can be contacted in English at [email protected]. 

YouTube Kanalı
YouTube Kanalı

STGM YouTube Channel

On the STGM YouTube Channel, you can find various tutorials, presentations and current discussions on civil society. Check out our channel now and subscribe.

July 2024