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Prince Claus Fund

The Prince Claus Fund supports a variety of work to support cultural and artistic initiatives and foster creative voices.
Foundations and Independent Organizations



About the Organization

Based on culture as a fundamental need, the Prince Claus Fund aims to support collaborations based on equality, trust, and solid partnerships in places where cultural expression, creative production, and research opportunities are limited and cultural heritage is threatened. It tries to create a positive interaction between culture and development by working with individuals and organizations in different geographies of the world. 

Priority Areas

Cultural change, artistic productions and publications.

About Application

Applications are open to individuals and institutions. The Fund has 3 different programs: Prince Claus Awards, Cultural Response Program, and Mobility Fund.

Although it is determined in the application calls, the fund generally supports conferences, workshops, exhibitions, festivals, website, ticket and network activities, and works in cooperation with the applicant institution in these events. Each call has a deadline. Average time to complete the application is 5 months. The proposed project should start 4-6 months after the deadline. Applications are made online. It is necessary to follow the website regularly for calls.

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