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Joint statement to the Donors' Conference after the February earthquakes: Immediate action needed for better reconstruction and investment in the future

Organizations from the Refugee Council of Turkey (TMK), Localization Advocacy Group (YSG), Turkish Local CSO Humanitarian Platform (TİF) and Disaster Platform came together after the International Donors Conference in Brussels on March 20 and issued a joint statement. Signed by 57 organizations, the declaration includes demands for the post-earthquake recovery phase.

The demands under the headings of economic and social recovery, participation and inclusion, and planning for the future are as follows;

Economic and social recovery

  • Invest in the restoration of local businesses, local markets and supply chains to ensure an economic recovery that avoids increased economic damage and dependency on foreign aid.
  • Support different stakeholders in provinces hosting high numbers of internally displaced persons due to the earthquakes.
  • Invest in the development and implementation of programs for children, youth, women, the elderly, adults and other vulnerable groups and marginalized communities to enable them to resume normal lives and adapt after the earthquake.
  • Ensure access to quality education for all earthquake-affected children.
  • Ensure that rehabilitation services and opportunities are available to individuals with earthquake-related disabilities.
  • Respect and invest in the preservation and restoration of social and cultural fabric in affected areas.

Participation and inclusion

  • Ensure that recovery efforts are transparent, accountable, inclusive and participatory for all stakeholders, with regular monitoring, evaluation and learning to assess progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Develop and implement measures to enable local civil society organizations directly affected by the earthquakes to reorganize their activities and operations at the local level.
  • Involve affected communities and other local actors in the long-term planning, design and implementation of recovery efforts.
  • Rebuild cities, buildings and infrastructure to ensure the full inclusion of women, children, the elderly, people with disabilities, LGBTI+ and other gender-diverse and other vulnerable groups and marginalized communities in public life.

Planning for the future

  • Recognize and consider the threat of future natural and man-made disasters, including the climate crisis, in your recovery efforts.
  • Ensure that all investments comply with international laws and conventions and national laws applicable to the Republic of Turkey. Ensure that impact assessments are conducted before and during all interventions to prevent human rights violations and comply with international and national regulations.
  • Protect and preserve natural ecosystems and habitats in and around affected areas, as well as green spaces in urban areas.

The statement is available in Turkish, English and Arabic in the documents below.

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