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Local Advocacy Group (YSG) Participates in "Regional Consultation with Civil Society Organizations in Europe"

Local Advocacy Group (YSG) is participating in the "Regional Consultation with Civil Society Organizations in Europe" organized in partnership with ICVA and UNHCR.

The "2023 Regional Consultation with Civil Society Organizations in Europe", organized in partnership with the International Council for Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) and the European Regional Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), is taking place in Geneva on 19-20 September.

Building on the Regional Dialogues held in July 2020 and the Regional and Global Consultations with Civil Society Organizations held in 2021 and 2022, participants will meet to create space for an integrated dialogue with three interconnected components (inclusion in local governments with a focus on solutions, the role of refugee/forcibly displaced persons-led organizations, and gender equality) at its core.

The meeting is also an important stepping stone for the Global Refugee Forum, which will take place in December. The outcome of the meeting will inform UNHCR's new strategic priorities for the coming period.

The meeting, which is an important achievement in terms of emphasizing the importance of localization, local and refugee associations in humanitarian aid and development fields, is also attended by the Turkish Refugee Council (TMK) and the Localization Advocacy Group (YSG) supported by STGM.

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