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Localization Advocacy Group (LAG); our members, principles and activities

All local and national organizations aims to challenge and transform the way the humanitarian system is operationalized in Türkiye can become members of the group.

Membership applications are received by the secretariat and evaluated by the whole group. 

Members are expected to actively participate and contribute to meetings and activities. The group guards of below principles both for a decision is taken and to add a new member/component.

LAG’s Principles

  • LAG adheres to the principles of do no harm, humanity, neutrality, independence and impartiality which are fundemental humanitarian principles.
  • LAG adopts a 'rights-based' approach within the context of humanitarian aid.
  • LAG puts gender equality on its agenda and ennsured that risks groups outside the mainstream area also receive supports. 
  • LAG aims at maximum benefit and impact with minimum hierarchy and rules.
  • LAG reaches its common goals in solidarity and cooperation; it aims to reach its goals in a just manner by protecting its autonomy and sustainability.

LAG’s Members

  • Erişim Destek Derneği (EDD)
  • Genç Gelişim ve Girişim Derneği
  • Göçmen Dayanışma Derneği
  • Hayata Destek Derneği
  • Habitat Derneği
  • İltica ve Göç Araştırmaları Merkezi (IGAM)
  • İnsan Kaynağını Geliştirme Vakfı (IKGV)
  • Kadınlarla Dayanışma Vakfı (KADAV)
  • Kalkınma için İnovasyon Derneği (I4D)
  • KAOS-GL Derneği 
  • Kırmızı Şemsiye Cinsel Sağlık ve İnsan Hakları Derneği
  • Kırkayak Kültür Derneği
  • Küresel Akıl Derneği
  • Mavi Kalem Derneği
  • Maya Vakfı
  • Menekşe Organizasyon Sosyal Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma Derneği (Violet Syria) 
  • Mültecilerle Dayanışma Derneği (Mülteci-DER)
  • Mülteci Destek Derneği (MUDEM)
  • Mülteci Hakları Merkezi
  • Nirengi Derneği 
  • Sosyal Gelişim ve Dayanışma Derneği (SGDD/ASAM)
  • Sivil Toplum Geliştirme Merkezi Derneği (STGM)
  • Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TOG)
  • Türkiye Mülteci Konseyi*
  • Uluslararası Çocuk Hakları Elçileri Derneği (ICHILD)
  • Uluslararası Mavi Hilal Vakfı (IBC)
  • Watan Derneği
  • Yuva Derneği

* Refugee Council of Turkey (TMK) has 21 members made up of host community and refugee-led organizations.

LAG’s Strategic Partners

  • International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  • OXFAM Türkiye 

As LAG, we carry out the following activities:

  • We evaluate where we stand on localization in Türkiye and develop strategies for the mission of fostering local leadership.
  • We provide coordination between civil society organizations involved in humanitarian and human rights work.
  • We follow the commitments of "Grand Bargain"agreement which all key humanitarian actors have signed on to during the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016. Since then, the agenda of localization has taken its central place in discussions of humanitarian transformation.
  • We act in a coordinated effort for moving forward the localisation agenda in Türkiye through documentation, research and advocacy. 
  • We review the localisation commitments in global level and the progress of the localisation agenda in Türkiye. 
  • We organize capacity-strengthening and awareness-raising activities with local and national organizations.
  • We met at the online meetings twice a month to talk about the process and also work with thematic sub-working groups. 

Working Groups

  • Finance Working Group
  • Capacity Working Group
  • Partnerships Working Group
  • Advocacy Working Group

You can review the 2021 activities of the Localization Advocacy Group.

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