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2021 Localization Advocacy Report

The policy note prepared under the main title of the holistic approach to the migration issue in Turkey was taken from the results of the workshop that brought together local organizations in Turkey to receive policy recommendations for refugees and migrants in Turkey.
Author / Editor:
Watan Derneği
Publishing Date:
Refugee Rights
Watan Derneği

78 people from 54 different institutions participated in the workshop organized by the Vatan Association, Support to Life and International Blue Crescent funded by DANIDA as part of the project "Support to Local Civil Society for Strengthening Inclusive Permanent Solutions for Populations Affected by Displacement in Turkey".

In the workshop, the topics of how to better organize and support the local humanitarian aid system in Turkey were discussed to improve the processes that will help refugees living in Turkey reach permanent solutions through localization in the most effective way. In the workshop, where both the host community and refugee-led organizations came together, permanent solutions were put forward directly from the field and the thoughts of the refugees themselves.

This document highlights the main contributions and suggestions of the various Local Civil Society Organizations participating in the workshop on 5 different topics;

  1. Social Cohesion
  2. Economic Empowerment
  3. Voluntary Return
  4. Third Country Placement
  5. The Role of Local Organizations
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