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Workability International (WI)

Workability International is the largest organization representing organizations and structures that provide employment services to people with disabilities in the world. The European Disability Forum and Providers' European Network are among the founding members of Workability International. Workability International has been established in Sweden in 1987 by founding members from 11 countries. Originally named IPWH, the organization got its current name with the decision of the Annual General Meeting held in San Diego in January 2002.
United States

Purposes and the Way of Work

The primary purpose of Workability International is to support the right to work of individuals with disabilities or who are globally marginalized.

WI thinks that individuals with disabilities should be subjected to equal rights and non-discriminatory treatment in all areas of their lives, especially in the business world. Such rights can only become meaningful if necessary support and opportunities are provided for disabled individuals to make maximum contribution to the workforce in line with their skills. For this reason, Workability International strives to establish the highest possible international standards in the preparation of work programs for people with disabilities.

WI works in cooperation with a wide-ranging network of organizations and institutions on an international scale in order to eliminate the barriers that prevent disabled individuals from entering the business life and thus maximize their social and economic independence. Parallel to this, WI is establishing international, regional and national organizations that will increase the employment opportunities of persons with disabilities, working in cooperation with large multinational companies, states and the international community in this regard.

Membership and Membership Requirements

Any private or legal organization or state institution that has knowledge and experience on how to ensure the employment of disabled people in their country can become a member.

There are two types of membership categories: full membership and limited membership.

For WI membership application, the membership application form must be completed and sent to the WI general secretary.  The form can be found on this website:


Kelly J. Kamerer
General Secretary
Workability International
Adres: c/o Goodwill Central Texas
1015 Norwood Park Blvd.
Austin, Texas USA

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +01 512 637 7156





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