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A New Tool for Your Institutional Capacity Building Efforts: ROTA Organizational Capacity Self-Assessment Tool is Now Available

We are supporting our capacity strengthening efforts in the civil society sector with a new tool. ROTA Organizational Capacity Self-Assessment Tool, which we designed to support CSOs' institutional capacity development efforts, is now available for use.

ROTA was developed by our experienced experts in the civil society sector as a tool that will help CSOs initiate their internal thinking and learning processes and carry out their institutional development activities.

Strengthen your capacity with custom recipes for your CSO

ROTA is an assessment tool that we designed for CSOs to evaluate themselves in various topics such as governance, participation, resource development, and communication through various questions and to see their strong or development areas.

After answering the questions in the tool, CSOs will be able to obtain information on the topics they want to develop through custom recipes prepared for their needs.

How does ROTA Organizational Capacity Self-Assessment Tool work?

We offer recommendations for your organization's practices with this capacity self-assessment tool we have developed. To benefit from ROTA at the highest level, we recommend that individuals with different roles within the organization (such as employees, managers, board members, volunteers, members, etc.) use the tool and the results and recipes are evaluated with a participatory approach for the development process.

Click here to use the ROTA Organizational Capacity Self-Assessment Tool.


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