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For Non-Governmental Organizations in Turkey: Active Citizenship, Civil Initiatives, and Volunteering Meeting

“Active Citizenship, Civil Initiatives, and Volunteering” meeting EU TACSO 3 Project (Technical Assistance Project for Non-Governmental Organizations in the Western Balkans and Turkey) Human-to-People (P2P) Programme, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in different thematic areas in Turkey was organized to create a space for discussing the various volunteer management and orientation mechanisms, as well as the favorable legal framework for volunteering.

Held as three half-day meetings between 23-25 ​​June 2021, the event brought together more than 50 NGOs from Turkey working with volunteers in various thematic areas. During the meeting, speakers from the Western Balkan countries (North Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro) have developed a legal framework for volunteering, as well as examples from NGOs that have developed the conceptual framework of volunteering and different volunteer management and orientation mechanisms, were presented. With this meeting, the participating NGOs had the opportunity to share their experiences under the main topic of volunteering and on different subjects, to be informed about active citizenship, civic initiatives, and different studies on the development of volunteerism in Turkey, and since the preparation of the 11th Development Plan. It was aimed to get the opinions of the participating NGOs on the preparation of a legal basis that will frame voluntary work in Turkey, where discussions are ongoing. At the meeting, where the participants were selected through an open call, the obstacles to volunteering, the existing volunteer management and orientation mechanisms developed by different NGOs, how a legal framework for volunteering in Turkey should be, and the opportunities and limits of drawing a legal framework for volunteering were discussed. It is aimed to make all this information available to non-governmental organizations with this final report, which includes all the presentations and discussions made during the meeting, as well as the opinions and recommendations for the establishment of a suitable legal framework for volunteering in Turkey.

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NOTE: You can download the summary of the meeting from the attachment.

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