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Online Conversation: Sexual and Mental Health

The CISU Platform continues its online conversations titled Intersectional Conversations I: Sexual Health and Mental Health. The conversation, which will take place on January 26 at 7:30 p.m., will take a different look at sexual health information and policies that have emerged from a cisheteronormative perspective.

Here are some issues that will be addressed in the interview:

Is it destiny to be ashamed of one's sexuality, and how can we make peace with that? What does virginity mean, is the "hymen" real? Does the transmission of sexually transmitted infections take into account race, sexual orientation, and age? How does it affect our lives when we find out we are living with an infection? What do methods of protection have to do with personal boundaries? We want equality in social life, but what about sexuality, desire, and pleasure? Why is it necessary to fake an orgasm? What thoughts stem from sexual performance anxiety, and how does it affect our relationship? What should the gynecological exam be like, can it be traumatic, and what happens if it is?

Click here to sign up for the interview, which discusses moral norms related to sexuality, known untruths, and their impact on well-being.



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